And what about you?

Voting campaign, democracy, citizenship - Designskolen 2017

This project aims to overcome the problem of millennial low turnout during the local elections in Herning Commune (Denmark).We often tend to limit the definition of being a citizen to the action of voting. In my perspective, being a citizen is also about being part of a community and living together. Voting then is just one of the action we take as a member of this community like playing music together, sharing food, thinking about society, helping each others… By presenting all these events on the same level, voting becomes a social event, that you take part in with your relatives and as part of the community. This campaign take place in Herning between September and November and through different events reframe voting around the notion of social interactions and sharing culture. Both digital and analog, the communication supports are choose, used and placed to reach a greater audience. By invading the everyday, elections become part of the cultural life and therefore the campaign nudge young people into using their vote without pressuring them.



Work in collaboration with Herning Kommune

Program of the campaign


The type of events evolve with time to follow the campaign needs. Then, the first events are less related to the elections and focus on bringing people together. As the elections are coming closer and closer, the campaign put forward more informations around voting and the local government.

Emoji collection


“Making oneself understood by the public does not mean capitulating to the public’s most banal tastes; it means investigating the knowledge of the public’s potential for perception and using this as the starting point for communicating something that the public does not know.” Bruno Munari


Add for the cinema

The wall of reasons


Everybody can participate and explain what are its own reasons to go vote. By doing it, the person give itself a reason to go vote and can inspire other citizens as well.