Posters - ESADSE 2015

Today, most women are whistled, insulted or followed by men in the street. These comments sexualise them, and emphasise their fears. I asked many women about the strategies they use to avoid these behaviours. Then, I laid out their words in big street posters. I used black and white decorative types to make unique

and meticulous something considered as normal in our society. These types are unexpected for this subject. At first difficult to read, and outside the revendication code, they invite to contemplate. Entirely handmade and with the participation of these women, the message become more personnel. This is also the occasion for them to stand again in the street.

I have sneakers in my bag to avoid making noise and be more discreet

I prepare the phone number of a friend in case.

I walk on the side of the parked cars to stay hidden

When I see a group of guys I change my way