App design and citizenship

Workshop with Frog design Designskolen Kolding 2015

Europe is going through a crisis of identity and meaning.


How might we strengthen the notion of EU citizenship for young europeans and motivate them to participate?


Young european citizens are the future of Europe's construction. They are positive about it –more than previous generations- and most of them feel Europeans. Even if they don't vote a lot, they have other ways to participate in political life by demonstrating, signing petitions, or volunteering. Therefore, we imagined an app encouraging them to stay informed about Europe, while fitting their needs and habits.  As we aimed to get politic and citizens closer, the app should be used by politics as well. This app is more a working tool for them, a way to get direct exchange and feedback from citizens.



Work in group with Thor Guldager and Simona Zurlo

Target group: Young European citizens


They are positive and confident about Europe (EU Youth report 2015)

70 % feel they are European citizens

64 % have a positive view of the EU


They participate in political life

Only 31% voted at the last European elections, but they have other ways to participate like signing petition, going on a demonstration, and mostly expressing on Internet.


They have things to say

“I am convinced that a lot of lobbying is going on in the EU. I really don’t like the fact that politics are being led by big companies secret agendas instead of being led by the interest of people”

An app for the citizens

An app for the politicians