Emilie Ragouet

Where the fireflies end

Design fiction - Designskolen 2015

Death is an important part of our life. We’ll all faced it one day. However, it is still a big taboo and elderly have trouble to talk about it with their surroundings. Based on a deep user and context research we asked ourselves: what could be the future of funerals? Worried by the trends of virtual prolongation of life and death becoming more and more abstract, we imagined our future alternative for funerals: a process gathering people and promoting the values of community, sharing and transmission. All along, people are accompanied in preparing their funerals, encouraged to spend some time with their relatives and think about what they want to transmit, in order to accept death more peacefully. A celebration of life is organised to offer a time for sharing what we want to transmit and to build with the beloved ones the earthenware jar of our after-life. At our death, we are transformed into water containing bioluminescent organisms. Given in th jar to our relatives, we will join the other dead ones in a luminescent reservoir. All the dead ones are maintaining a light together. This place is a public memorial place, poetic and mysterious where people share the grief besides their identity, religion or beliefs.



Work in group with Paul Lequay and Maxime Marois.

As we wanted this process to be accessible to anyone, we imagined it in a non-profit organisation. The support

of communication is really simple: a poem from Emily Dickinson and the name of the project.


An edition is given to people so they can think about what they want to transmit or write to their beloved ones.

The different papers and quotes creates a safe space for inspiration and intimacy.